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What is Brightraiser
Elevate your fundraising effortlessly! With our platform, you can launch a campaign in just minutes, all without any upfront costs.
Fundraising made simple
New to promoting a fundraiser? Our platform supplies you with customized images that you can easily share on your social media channels.
Engage with ease
Struggling to find time for crafting compelling messages? Our platform generates personalized messages quickly, helping you connect with your supporters in just a few clicks.
Diverse locally-sourced products
Unsure about which products will appeal to your audience? We provide a handpicked selection of unique local brands, ensuring there's something for everyone.
Who can benefit from our program
Create a campaign and raise funds for
A memorable school field trip
Classroom upgrades
A graduation celebration
For any school purpose, at all
Earn up to 25% profit from selling locally-sourced products
When your campaign generates $1,000 in sales before taxes and shipping, you earn $250 in profit. Even if you don't reach the $1,000 goal, you'll still earn profit based on your achieved level. With Brightraiser, you're always set to gain. Ready to start? Join us today and see how easy and rewarding fundraising can be!
Sales goal amount
Profit % received
$0.00 — $99.99
$100.00 — $299.99
$300.00 — $499.99
$500.00 — $799.99
You will be earning profit and
supporting small local businesses
Completely free to start
Don't want the hassle of pre-purchasing products? With BRIGHTRAISER, there's absolutely no need.
Direct to Doorstep
Overwhelmed with the logistics of storing or sorting products? We've got you covered! BRIGHTRAISER will ship orders directly to your supporters.
Nationwide reach, effortless delivery
Want to boost your profits and connect with wider audiences? We offer direct shipping to your supporters all over Canada.
Year-round flexibility
Looking for a solution that adapts to your busy schedule? Our year-round service ensures you can maximize your fundraising efforts whenever it suits you.
Sriracha Revolver
Hee-Haw HorseRadish
Gone Crackers
Rad Jamz
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