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Why choose Brightraiser to light up your next fundraiser?

We believe in the magic of locally sourced goods. Bring joy to your participants. Make a real impact right in your own backyard.
Maximize Your Profit Potential:
Earn Up to 25%
Flexible profit tiers allow you to get the most out your campaign
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We provide ready to use customized promotional materials and templates. Just copy and share!
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We bring you a curated selection of the finest locally sourced products, each telling a unique story.
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No Sorting
We ship directly across Canada. No manual sorting required!
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Launch your campaign in under 2 minutes and start making a profit.
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Flexible campaign scheduling for your needs
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Here's How It Works

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Start your campaign today, it only takes 2 minutes to register.
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Share our customized templates and materials with your participants with a few clicks.
Tracking Campaign Progress
See your campaign progress in real time. Everything you need at a glance.

Amplify Your Fundraising

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Raise funds effortlessly while supporting your community, whether it's for exciting field trips, essential classroom supplies, or enriching music programs.
Sports Clubs
Take your fundraising game to the next level! Equip your teams with top-quality gear, cover competition fees, and invest in athlete development with our locally sourced products.
Animal Shelters
Raise crucial funds while caring for animals in need, supporting adoption programs, and ensuring the welfare of our furry friends through locally sourced goodness.
Support your philanthropic initiatives, provide assistance to those in need, and make a lasting difference in your community with locally sourced products.

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